About us

Ventura México is a platform owned by Ventura Media, a company that produces contents in the style of business storytelling, for both its own brands and third-party brands. Ventura Media was founded by two Mexican entrepreneurs, César Espinosa and Adolfo Ortega, in April 2014, and formally incorporated in July.

Ventura México is an effort by two Mexican entrepreneurs who dream to make the country a better place and pitch in their grains of sand with two activities they are the most passionate about: supporting entrepreneurs and telling business stories.

Our editorial mission is:

Ventura México is a resource that informs,
connects and inspires the Mexican entrepreneurial
ecosystem and projects it to the world

Ventura México emerged because the Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem needs a place to reflect it. That’s why we want to be:

— The platform where entrepreneurs are informed and inspired: a hub that offers a series of resources saving them time and effort, increasing their likelihood of success.

— The place where entrepreneurial capital funds are in tune with solutions that entrepreneurs propose to solve problems which create market opportunities, and where the market knows about financing operations and capital that is earned and invested in the Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem.

— The space where accelerators, incubators and other service providers in the ecosystem find projects with whom their methods can have the most impact and where they can project their results.

— The place where academic institutions give visibility to student projects, promote an entrepreneurial spirit among their study programs and highlight the results of their research on the ecosystem.

— The place where the government can see the effects its public policies have on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Ventura México was founded because we want the country to attract more talent and entrepreneurial investment. That’s why we believe it’s important to make progress in international indices on entrepreneurship. There’s much work to be done. The most recent information from the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI) ranks Mexico No. 57 among 120 economies, and 7th in the region.

Ventura México exists so that Mexican society places a higher value on entrepreneurship. The most recent Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report shows Mexico as the worst country among those studied in LatAm, in topics as important as seeing entrepreneurship as a good career choice, the high status placed on successful entrepreneurs and media attention given to successful entrepreneurs.



Adolfo Ortega ended up as a journalist almost by accident, but he has stayed with it since November 1997, when he began his career as a business section reporter at daily newspaper Reforma while studying administration. Almost three years later, as general editor of dineronet.com, a personal finances website, he saw the dot com bubble explode in the late 1990s. He has also worked as general editor of Entrepreneur, editor for the finance section of daily El Universal (now called Cartera), and founding editor of the specialized supplement El Semanario, which is distributed inside the newspaper El Independiente. In 2004 he began working at Expansión magazine as a section editor.

In 2008, he co-founded with four partners a market intelligence firm in the clean tech sector. Adolfo has since left the firm, but is still friends with his former partners. He returned to Grupo Expansión in 2009 and was named general editor of Expansión magazine in 2011. He held that position for nearly three years until he was promoted to become publisher of all platforms of Chilango and QUO, two of the most important brands of Grupo Expansión.